Max. dB level at break in w/ VR4jr

What is the maximum (not average) peak dB level that you play your Von Scheikert VR4jr's at during extended break in? About what would the overall average dB be during extended break in? How far away from the speakers is your measurement?
Also how accurate is the Radio Shack Sound Level Meter?
Thank you
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I think I mentioned during one of our conversations that I played my GenIII's loud enough during the first 100 hrs. that I couldn't stand to be in the same room with them & not because they were so loud, rather they just sounded so bad. I would guess in the mid 90 dB range & now 3 yrs. later they can play 105 comfortably at the listening position w/o any problem whatsoever. I would think the same set of rules apply to the jr's too. You can always call out there & talk to them about it.

Once I got past those first 100 hrs, I just did what I do now-sometimes I play it loud, other times at the lowest audible level.

My listening position is 10' from ea. spkr