Max audio converter FLAC to AIFF

Hi, i am fairly new to this.
I have downloaded the free HDtracks 96/24 sample songs last night into a folder on my desktop. I am using a MacBook Pro. The format is FLAC and not compatible with Itunes.
I have downloaded Max so i could change the format to AIFF. I did so and the songs are now in AIFF format in my Itunes library.

However, the liner notes that came with the songs (in the HDTracks folder on my desktop) did not transfer to my Itunes library.
I may have done something wrong in the process. This was my first time using Max for converting Flac files. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thank You.
I've noticed on some downloaded albums via itunes or via ripping, the liner notes are in a separte file altogether. usually. did you look in the folder you saved the orig files to for one which doens't have the flac extension?

I can't imagine all that info being imbedded into each flac file, it should be entirely different.. pdf, txt, rtf, log, etc.

or perhaps it was a different download you've yet to do.

If all else fails you should contact the websites support section for more info..
Yeah, linear notes will be single file in original download folder.
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