Matt Savage 15 year old Pianist genius

I was listening to NPR the other night and Marian McPhartland had Matt Savage as her guest. This youngster who still suffers some from autism is an outright genius on the keyboards. The link is below to listen to him.

Perhaps we have a rebirth of Bill Evans here. Clearly he has all the technical skills, the only thing somewhat lacking is the emotional depths that Bill Evans brought forth. But I believe give him some time and to live through lifes roller coaster, that alone will bring him to a far greater level than he is now. And at 15 he has 6 albums to his credit.

You've just got to hear and decide for yourself. I was blown away.
Thanks for the link - I'm listening to this right now. I really like Marion Mcpartland;s show - ever heard Becker and Fagan on her show?
Must have missed Becker and Fagan on her show. I try to keep up with her show and guests. No doubt that Marian McPhartland is a true National Treasure.
Thanks for the recommendation and link. A remarkeable story for a young man who has battled autism. He does remind me a bit of Evans on his slower pieces, which is a high compliment.

For Evan's fans, I also recommend Bill Charlap, who displays a lyrical imagination that reminds me of Evans, especially on upbeat tunes. Charlap isn't a composer like Evans; he mostly plays jazz standards, but he does so with a virtuosity and lyricism that is wonderful. Here's a link to him playing In the Still of the Night at the Village Vangaurd: