Matrix Review update

Finally. My system has arrived. The Matrix and Mini Digital have brought my system to the level, I always hoped for. I don't know what was in my electric or what's not in it, now, but the presence in my system is dramatic. Every cd I've listened two since my Matrix freaks me out. I'm in sonic heaven. I feel as though I'm within the music. The soundstage is so wide, deep and detailed, that I sometimes say out loud: "UnFB!" Now, I can sit back, as I've been doing these past few weeks, and groove to some glorious music. I, also, want to thank my fellow audiophools for helping me along this sonic journey. Hey, the Cowboy Junkies are calling me again. Yes, it was you guys too, who turned me on to those guys, just 2 weeks ago. Thanks for that, as's a good thing..peace, warren