Matrix 802 how do you disable overload circuit

I am upgrading a pair of B&W Matrix 802 speakers to series 3 specs. I have purchased & installed the aluminum domed tweeters & now I would like to mod the crosovers. I know that disabling the overload circuit is supposed to help. Can I get detailed instructions on how to accomplish this?
Thanks Al
This is something that I started thinking about several months ago. I learned several things browsing the web. A German site had photos of how to short the APOC relay. I tried this but it made no real difference. I was advised to lift one end of all the diodes from the crossover board so I tried this but the speaker wouldn't work. So I then replaced all the diodes with a piece of copper wire. The diodes are the small black cylindrical things with 1 grayish-white stripe near the bottom (7 small ones and 2 slightly larger ones for each speaker). The speakers work now, much to my relief.
I would say that there is an obvious improvement. The sound is not warmer but softer than before. With some music I used to hear an unnatural hard edge in some voices and instruments. That is gone.
I was very careful to not damage the crossover traces with my soldering iron. Of course, I only finished this yesterday and it may take some time to see if I have damaged the crossover in any way.
There seems to be more than one version of the 802 Matrix Series 2 and I am not sure if the crossovers are identical. My speakers were made in 1988.
I finally got a hold of someone to help me on this. I lifted one end of all the diodes & it worked. My speakers are series 80 not Matrix as I thought. The sound is as you discribe, much warmer.