Matrix 801 with Rotel RMB 1095?

Somebody is offering me to trade his Matrix 801 S3 with my Matrix 802 S2. He wants some cash as well. I have Rotel RMB 1095 and RSP 1068 preamp.

My first question is whether Rotel RMB 1095 is really a good match for 801 and if so, what would be the reasonable price for this kind of trade. Thanks a lot in advance.
Should be ok to crank it up.It memory serves me the 801 could handle 600 rms.That said I mioght consider saving up my shekels and going for a used Nautilus set up.$3K is a lot ofmr a used 803 but will blow away the Matrix series in mids and highs.Owned a 802 III and new 803 blows it doors.New stuff has gone through roof.Old price on 803N is $500 more at $5500 and now they have a $8K model which while not getting as low has a diamond tweeter.Haven't heard it but my old boss (I used tgo sell B&W) say's it's a better value than the previous $8K 802 just a bit less bass.If going with any of the Matrix B&W Sound Andchors are a must especially with wood floors but even concrete.You like B&W's house sound and unless you are a total bass freak save up for better product.I heard and 803 with a good sub (10" Velodyne HGS at $1750 and it was nivrvana.Can't imagine what a 12" to 18" Velodyne of same series would sound like or with an REL or the budget delight Vandersteeen but you only miss the last octave or so.But with that amp and the 801 you can recreate symphonic music very if not with the latest level of resolution.

You can use your 1095, but it will not be a perfect match. Have tried the combination myself, and the 1095 simply dont have enough current to really drive the 801. Another important thing is that the 1095 will make the 801 sound lean, which depending on your taste could be a good or (as for me) a bad thing.
In general the 801 and 802 are two very different animals. The 802 is a much easier drive, and dont demand the room volume of the 801 to really sing.
if you can live with the dates 1980's look, then the 801 is, at least to me, still one of the best speakers. The comments above on mid and high, is normally based on a setup that dont yield the max from the speakers.
To give you an idea, I was in listening to the new 800D's and even though there is a difference to the better from my 801's, it is not remotely worth the huge price gab - buy again, you will have to very picky in order to get the best from them..

Best of luck