Mating with the Bryston 3B ST

I just picked up a Bryston 3B ST and I am not looking for a matching Pre. I think I want a tube amp, CJ or AR, and in the $450-$650 price range. I play mostly CD's with female vocals and jazz. I have a pair of Snell right now, but I am waiting for some Vienna Acoustics Bach's or Motzart's to come along in my price range.

Thanks in advance,
Cant find what you want at the price your willing to pay...
At your price range I would say a Quicksilver audio pre with a set of NOS tubes and you will be in good shape. Google search Joes tube lore and read up. FYI I found Harmonic Technology Truthlink cable a good match with the 3BST.

For that amount of dough I'd go for a Mapletree Audio 2A SE. Female vocals and jazz (my favorites as well) sound terrific with this pre: extended, full-bodied, deep; although I've only heard it in my system, which is not Bryston.