Mating Krell KSA 200-S w/ Krell KRC -3 preamp

Am contemplating purchase for used Krell KSA 200-S and mating w/Krell KRC -3 preamp...anyone with advice or experience, on sound, sonic signature, satisfaction / dissatisfaction with this combination?? driving speakers, etc?? thanks
You asked basically the same question earlier today.Give it some time and you'll get some responses.Patience is a virtue.
Not sure if KRC3 has problem my KRC2 has.Killer sounding pre one of the best they ever made but voltage output is really high.Again from previous question those 90's Krell pieces would be good for speakers that need power and maybe the KRC exacerbates the issue like my KRC2 does.Look up output of 3 and if it's as hive a voltage as the 2 you may not get to use much of volume control (fact my KRC2 has a gain switch for more output is kinda nuts given how hot it is to begin with.If your into vinyl might sell my KRC2-KPE-3000S as a package (though I would have to pout add up here to be fair since I mention it here.About $16K list selling for less than market since I am bundling together).Only makes sense for someone though who wants both and plays LP's and again has speakers that can use the power.Stuff was used sparing in 90'd and in basement un-used since 2002.
The krc 3 And the 200s are great pieces . I feel the 3 Is dead quiet and a nice sounding preamp. You should try and get a late run krc3 If possible. They all are great the newer one Is just a bit better. The fpb style. Also what kind of speakers are you using?
would be looking to mate this combo with a used pair of mani-2s thought theya re too damn expensive for my budget, so more than likely will try to go withe these electronics and model 1 totems...I am just not a floorstander guy, my older brother has too much money and gets Lamm, Kharma, whatever he wants, and then gets something else, I hate him! he has owned some nice stuff, Kharma, Theil, they always sound like , well...floorstanders, to me, they never dissappear the way minimoniotrs do, unless you turn the light down or off, totems disappear beautifully. I have heard complaints that they are tipped up in the treble and bass, and this, to be fair, is probably true, I would say. I have noticed this at their room in the Hilton shows in NYC but still, they are very impressive for the price, I seem to like the Krell/Totem combination, I had the little Krell 50-S w/ KRC 3 preamp and model 1's and it sounded more than good enough (for me), so I am going to try to get a 200-s this time, same KRC 3 preamp and mate them with the Mani-2 I think i will be happy, personally I think any decent cd player will foot the bill, I frankly don't hear that much difference in source cd players... as much as speakers, and then electronics; but that is just my opinion. I just have to go used this time around and hope for the best. There is no way I can get back into this and do retail, not even close, so I will buy all used and hope for the best.