Mating a CD Changer and DAC?

Has anyone experimented with a Mega Changer (200+Disc) mated with a Outboard DAC?

I have a Pioneer 300 disc unit hooked up to my Krell 30i Cd player DAC via the toslink input. It sounds great. The only megas with coax digital outs are I believe the DVD mega changers. It serves pretty good for parties or just casual listening like when you are working out. It feels that your catalog of material gets a chance of being heard more often. Go for it if you already have a DAC. The megas are relatively cheap.
That sounds great.I have read alot of bad things about some Changer's,but if the Pioneer's work I will try them!
Hello, Lawrence.
We love megachangers. We use an external DAC (currently an EVS modified Link DAC) and a Monarchy DIP anti-jitter box.

With the 200 disc non-ES Sony, I find 2 DIP's to work best. With the 400 disc ES, a single DIP seems to be the way to go.

Wither way, the DIP makes a nice improvement to the sound.

Also (and I know this may sound silly) adding damping material, like Dynamat, really helps clear and smooth the sounds. Pay particular attention to the "hump" in the back of the player if you decide to try this.

We have the computer room/office next to the music room, so I ran some CAT5 cable to a PC and we use Slink-e to pick the tunes. It is great fun.