Matchups for Mordaunt-Short speakers?

Anybody have experience with these speakers? I have a pair of Mordaunt-Short Pearl 20i speakers and am looking for a good SS integrated amp to match them to, $1K or under, with my Rega Planet CD player. Unfortunately the Rega Mira amplifier was NOT a good match, too tubby and constricted with these speakers. I am currently using a vintage Marantz SS Special Edition integrated amp which gives me a warm sound with an impressively extended soundstage, but not as much detail as I would like. Suggestions?
If you can audition Creek or Arcam integrated amps you may find a good match. I found the Arcam a bit edgy for my taste but may mate well with your MS speakers. I have not auditioned Creek amps but consistently hear good things about them at their price point.
Perfect Match Yamaha Rx-485. AX-570. Sound will be very musical, detailed. Sounds better than Arcam alpha 10. NAD are dull. I Have Auditioned all with my own MS10's.