Matching Wadia CD players to amps

Wadia driving tube amps -experiences good or bad?
Also is the 830 a better performer than the 850/860
since it is newer, 00 vs 97 technology
I currently run my Wadia 860x directly through an Audio Research VT-50 and feel that the synergy between the two components is magical. I have also tried directly connecting the Wadia to solid state amplifiers...specifically Levinson and McCormack which are great amplifiers, but didn't do it for me like the ARC. Regarding the 830...the 860 is a much more refined CDP. . I started with an 830 and it is an excellent CDP but the resoultion, detail and musicality of the 860 exceed the 830. You also might want check out the new Wadia 301 that replaced the 830. Good luck...
I enjoy the sound from running my 850 directly into a Pass Aleph 5 through a balanced connection. To get best results, you may have to reduce the gain in the Wadia through some switches inside the unit. See Stereophile reviews of the 860 for the theory behind this.
Wadias will drive virtually any amp; there is nothing about most tube amp input circuits which makes any different demands than solid state. That said, you are much better off with a balanced connection into a fully balanced amp, as this allows the Wadia's full capabilities to shine. I run my 850 into a BAT VK200 (solid state) which is marvelous, but would also very highly recommend the BAT tube amps. Both the 850 and 860 are noticeably better sonically than the 830 (not to mention the much higher quality construction!), which as stated above has been replaced by the 301 (which I haven't heard yet).
I run my 850 directly into a McIntosh MC 2000 tube amp. Fantsastic! As long as you stay well above 70/75 in the CD player’s volume. I used to have solid state monos and in that case runneing the 850 through a AR SP14 pre was slighty warmer.
The 830 is a great player for the money but 850/860 certainly are in a different league.
Good luck!
I agree with the above that the 850/86x are much better than 830. Can't comment on the 831.

With regards to direct connection, I had a 850 connected to a BAT VK200, then a BAT VK60. Loved it. Then my dealer talked my into bringing a BAT VK50SE preamp home. Huge improvement. everywhere. So, on a cost basis, the Wadia smokes it directly connected IMO. On a absolute basis, a really good preamp is better.

At the same time I added a turntable and another source, so the preamp was needed there...however, if you have the $$'s try one on the wadia...