matching the Arros

looking for an int. amp to match the Arros. I have a Cairn Fog CD player. My listening area is small(8x10), music listening varies from jazz to rock. I was browsing thru the system section and see a few sim audio and Plinius match. WOuld like to hear from fellow Totem owners.
Naim mates very well with Totem.
Jolida 302b. It's my favorite combination with the Arro's thus far, and I've listened to a number of amps with those speakers.

I use a Simaudio Moon i-5.
Ever since Vince left the SimAudio band wagon it appears the focus is now towards Naim. Totem has used Naim at several shows including this room at The Show/CES 08. I believe it was a Naim5i.
rogue audio Cronus or stereo 90 and 99 preamp
I have listened to the Arros with Musical Fidelity, Naim and Rega integrated amp and CD combinations, and thought the amps sounded best top to bottom in the order listed. For some reason, in a medium sized room the MF A5 and A3.5 sounded fantastic with the Arros. Since your room is fairly small, you could probably get away with the 50 watt Nait 5i or the MF X-T100 amp, either of which should be capable of driving the Arros and you to complete satisfaction.

Also, since the Rogue and Jolidas seem to work well, I wonder how the Primaluna Prologue II would sound with the Arros? I like this amp in combination with other speakers, but have not heard it with any Totems.
thanks for all the responses. Do you think most dealers would let me bring my speakers in to audition with their amps?
Plinius 9100 would be a good match for the Arros. You could also look into some of the older Plinius models like the 8100...
I think many dealers would be OK with that, especially if you did it on a weekday when things were slow.

You would be better off to try the amp in your listening room with your other gear. Also easier and safer to transport one metal amp than 2 wooden speakers, even light ones like the Arros.

Dealer worth their salt would buy into either scenario.
Also, send Totem an email to get their current opinion.
I used a SimAudio i-3, Cayin TA-30, and Rogue Perseus/Stereo 90 with the Arros. All were nice matches, but I preferred to power them with tubes.
I have mine mated to Bryston B60, and like it very much ... I am in a med-large room, and they don't seem comfortable at very high volumes- the arros start failing; but I love the sound of the arros, so I'm giving the Unison Unico int-amp a try, as I have read many favorable comments regarding those two together.
I will ccertainly confirm your suspicions that a Unico integrated is terrific with the Arros-- the arro is slightly tipped up in the treble and the Unico slightly tipped down with an excellent midrange (both, for that matter!).

With a good front-end-- the combo is quite heavenly!
I've used NAD, Jolida, Bryston, Marantz, Cayin...all have their strengths and pleasant sounding.

However, as stated before a slightly warmer tube amp is the way to go.

Use a descently powered EL34 based tube amp and that is the way to go.
thanks for all the suggestions. sounds like the consensus is to go with some sort of warmer amp. now the hunt begins...
EVO8 try Joe Fratus amps.I do have his concierto,mate
with my Diapason they are so musical.I heard
the art audio quartet and they are the best amps I have heard ,they are hook up with the Andras.You can call Him,He
is a very nice and know his stuff.
I will 2nd the Bryston B-60 integrated but the Arros really come alive when you add the Bryston 2B-LP and bi-amp them. Just split the pre-amp out into 2 outputs.
I have not owned the Arros, however I have owned a pair of StudioLab Reference 1's, which have very similar specs (4.5 inch woofer, low-ish sensitivity rating)...

Had them paired up w/ the Unico for a period of time. Truth be told, if I could go back to that combo right now, I believe I would. The Unico could really float a beautiful image in combination w/ these speakers. Did not require subwoofer reinforcement either, with most music that is.

I would highly recommend Unico / Arro combo