Matching SUT for Benz Micro MC Gold

I think that the Lukaschek PP1-T9 should be an ideal match but they sell for @ $1,500. With an internal impedance of 20 ohm a regular mc SUT with loading options should be more than enough at this level.

Any recommendations?
Bellari MT-502 ($499) and a good half-meter IC. I have one and am very happy with the SQ! Made in the USA, too!
The question is WHY do you need a SUT instead of quality MC phono stage ? 
I had a Klyne Series Six with a MC phono stage but I sold it. 
Actually, I am using a Uesugi UBROS-1 preamplifier: PHONO 1 and 2 - (2mV / 47 kΩ); PHONO 3 - (6.5 mV / 47 kΩ).

Not enough gain to drive a LO MC cartridge.
Klyne and Uesugi Bros....nice :)
Cart loading is very preamp dependant so if you have never used the Uesugi phono section it will involve several unknowns. (Best load, and if higher ratio sut into lower sensitivity input or lower into higher sensitivity input sounds best- and yes that affects load)
You could probably buy and try and sell a few sut based on vintage mic trafos ( ebay etc) without much $$ lost at the end and learn from the experience.
End of the day i use Silvercore often...