Matching surround speakers

Hello all. I have a really nice and high end front LR and center channel. For surround speakers, since it will be only effect and not going to use much, I want something economical but closely match the spec of the front 3 channels (Wilson Audio Alexia and Mezzo). Is there a way to match speaker by simply looking at their specification? I try to keep the 2 pairs of surround speaker under $5,000 OTD. Ideally tower. Any suggestion?
Not for music... but...

I'm assuming you will use room tuning and auto-calibration? If so that will cure 90% of your matching problems.

The only issue I know of is your processor and it's crossover configurations. I just use an Oppo 103, so I am only allowed 1 crossover setting. Modern processors usually let you set your surround and center channel separately. 


I have the latest McIntosh MX160 AV Processor with Room Correction. My source will be the Oppo UDP-205
You should have no problem then. :)

Get speakers you like, with good dynamic range.

I will say that bigger speakers will add to the dynamic range and realism.


I just went through something similar. I purchased Dynaudio Contour C20s to go in a 5.1 system with Monitor Audio Platinum 500 II’s as my fronts and a Monitor Audio Gold C350 center channel. I wanted a better center channel, so I decided to sell the Gold C350 and Contour C20’s. I purchased the much better matched Monitor Audio PLC350 center and less expensive Monitor Audio GX 50’s for my rears. I’ve had three different rears, at very different price points, with minimum difference between them. I submit that matching the front three are by far the most important. For rears, pick your price point and by something with wide dispersion and similar tonal balance as your fronts.