Matching SS amp with Rogue Magnum 99 & Tyler LSS?

I am trying to replace/upgrade my Linn AV5105 (100WPC/8ohm, 200WPC/4ohm, Input impedance 4700 ohm). Could you recommend a SS amp that would work well with Rogue Magnum and Tyler Linbrook Signuture System which has 250+WPC/4ohm and 10000+ ohm input impedance?
My budget is $1000~1500 and I am looking for a used one in good working order.
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I've been very happy with my McCormack DNA 225/ Rogue 99 Mag combo.
DNA-225 seems to be a nice choice.
I am considering several amps now, including DNA-1 dlx and Van Alstine Omega III 440hc. Anybody has an experience with those amps with Rogue?
I have a Rogue Magnum 99 (modded by Rogue), Tyler Acoustics LSS, one-piece, and the amp I use is Musical Fidelity A308CR. The amp never runs out of steam, never went into protection mode and the bass I get in my room is amazing. For me it's a great match. They are in your price range used.
Thanks for the info.
I've decided to go for BAT VK-200. I seriously thought about DNA 225, but it is a little bit over my budget. VK-200 is a bit shy of power I expected (200 vs 250 WPC/4 ohm), but many users seem to believe it is more powerful than most other 200WPC/4ohm amps.
I have Rogue Magnum,Mccormack DNA-1 with rev-a mods,Vandersteen 3a sig.and LSA 2 speakers,very happy with this combo.
I got BAT VK-200. It replaced Linn AV5105. With a few days of careful listening, I could easily tell that, compared to Linn AV5105, VK-200 is a better amp. Intially I was a bit disappointed, maybe because I was expecting night and day change, but after I became more realistic and with more listening, I would eadily feel that BAT is more powerful (bigger and louder sound with the same volume level). Most notable is deeper base. In some music, it got a bit boomy, but in most music, pretty tight and fast.
Also, better in almost all sound reproduction categories I can think of -- wider sound stag, more dynamics, more clarity, ...

Overall, it was a nice move. Linn is still pretty good in its price point (used at $500~600) but vk-200 is a clear winner. It may work better with vk-3i or other balanced preamps, but Rogue 99 Magnum mates pretty good. I may not be able to tell how good until I try vk-3i or other balanced preamps, something I would puruse in the future.