Matching speakers for SF pre, amp?

I own SFS-40, and SF pre-1, and i was interested in best speaker recommendation. SF-40 is only 40wpc, and i need relatively efficient speakers. My room is 25X18X10, so i believe floorstanders would be fine. And price, around 1K used. Listen: 70% Acoustic/classic 30% everything rest. Thanks!
You should be able to find Cabasse Farela 400! For around 1.2K. Spectacular sound from small floorstander! I would also audition Soliloquy 5.3. Both easy to drive.
Coincident Conquest used for around 1.2-1.5K!
I own the SFS-40 in my bedroom system and I am using both Coincident Super Eclipses (not in the price range you mentioned) and Silverline SR-15s on some reagt stands (may be had i you rprice range used) with it. With the music you are going to listen to , these may be one af a number of good matches. E-mail me off-line should you want to get a pair of the Silvelines - I have two pair and am not using the second pair! Frank