matching speaker to room size?

I have a 14 x 16 room with 9 ft ceilings and looking for new speakers. Presenlty using large old Ohm C2 bookshelfs. Listen to broad range from modern and classic jazz (piano, guitar, horns and vocals) to electric blues, tons of female singers, Hawaiian acoustic and fingerstyle guitar, classic rock and even some classical and newgrass like Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss. The one dealer in town suggeted stand mount monitors like Totem One, JM Focal 1007S and similar. I have been more interested in floorstanders like Gallo 3.1, Dali Mentor 6 or Helicon 4. He is saying this will give me too much bass? Is there a way to compute good match from room dimensions? I listen at low to high levels depending on time...Saturday mid-day vs. 11 at night. I have heard all these speakers, not necessarily side by side, trying to make a call but not sure which type to go with so I cant even proceed to which individual speaker to purchase. BTW, I dont have the optoin of bringing any of these home...most were heard on the US Mainland not in Hawaii.
if you need monitors, the totem one will fit nicely, they need good power...atleast 100 watts ,,,good amp... if you can use a floor stander,,,i use the arro totem...again needs good power...75 to 100watt....i have owned a lot of good speakers, monitors....i like totem from top to bottom....with your music they would be great..i listen to mostly jazz, fusion and traditional, some classic cello, violin...piano and then a lot a female jazz singers and the totem are excellent...some sa they don't have bass but they do if it is recorded correctly and put in the playback mix to be heard....the arro are a small thin floorstander....the totems go well with naim,unison, krell, sim audio, rega, cambridge...have fun..dwhitt
IMHO, the best way to get full range bass in most any room is an EQ'd subwoofer. Velodyne DD series (or SMS-1 controller for use with non-Velo DD subs) works well, providing PEQ, room analyzer and x-over. SVS will ship a similar device in May, but that requires an external x-over. The SMS-1 costs app $500 and the SVS with an NHT X-2 X-over is about $1K. Reportedly excellent subs from SVS start at app $650, good subs from many manufacturers can be found for under $500.

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I've listened to Helicon 400 with smaller integrated amp from Sim Auido that sounded fantastic. If you are concerned about too much bass then you should be looking at room treatments.

If you are leaning toward monitors I think you need more power to get the best sound. For example, my musical fidelity A308 amp is rated at 250 watts per channel, and can deliver blockbusting current with low distortion. I pair this with Vienna Acoustic Haydns. My McIntosh MC275 amps rated at 75 watts is run in mono with upgraded tubes approaches 190 watts. It is paired with the Dali Helicon 300.

Enjoy the journey.
First off, I wouldn't trust that dealer. It sounds like he's trying to sell you something he has. I'm borrowing a fabulous set of new Kudos c-10's (two way stand mounts), and while I think they're great, they still sound, like any other of their ilk, like stand mounts. For some people that's great, for others a floor stander is the only answer. Unless you have great problems with bass in your room already, I wouldn't assume you're going to have bass problems with a floorstander. There are many many good choices now, depending on how much you want to spend and the associated gear. Try and listen before you buy if you can. One's cup of tea is not another's.
Good luck
if you like the C2s, check out their website ( for available upgrades that can bring them up to date with other newer speaker technologies.

If you like the OHM sound, for that room, you might also consider either Ohm 100 series 3, or Walsh 5 series 3, depending on budget.

I saw a pair of Walsh 5 series 3 up for sale here on Agon the other day for just over $3000, a pretty good price for those.

BTW , check out my system and you'll see I still run custom upgraded OHM Ls (the C2s little brother) in my system as well as Ohm 100s and 5's series 3. I also run Dynaudio and Triangle speakers as well, but am still very much an OHM fan.
I use Vandersteen 2ce Signature IIs in a room almost exactly your size, probably even a little smaller because it's irregularly shaped--14x15 (for half its width)/18 (for the other half) x9. The Vandies go low, and with proper placement they work perfectly--the best sound I've ever had. I've owned the Totem Model One and Dynaudio Focus 140, and in this same room neither had the kind of bass extension and impact I've gotten out of floorstanders. The Vandies would be in your price range. If you like the looks of them OK, you can't do much better at the price, though monitors and sub(s) would be a good route, too--but involving more boxes+stands+power cords...
I should add that I've heard Totem's The One, and it outclasses the original Model One by a large margin. When I heard it, I thought the Sonus Faber floorstanders next to it were playing. The Totems were powered by a Cayin 100 watt tube integrated.
You have the classic problem of matching a speaker for your
room. I have been through the same situation in a 14 x 18 with a 10 foot vaulted ceiling. In most cases medium size floorstanders should work fine in your room. You didn't state your budget but a quality monitor speaker like Focal 1007 (which I heard & liked) would work awesome in that size room. Most quality monitors put out very good bass in rooms your size. I have owned Harbeth's in the past & they would work great in that size room. BTW I now have a great floorstander that works in my room.
Your dealer is right about the concern of to much speaker in that size room but most medium sized floorstanders should work fine. If your budget can handle it check out Dynaudio C1's.
A transmission line speaker, for a full range speaker, will likely perform better in a small room than a ported design. Take a look at Salk Sound's SongTower.
I have similar size room (width & height), only much longer. Even so, monitors does it for me. Have tried some full-range floor standers, but given my room size, found most times 'less is more' to be the case. They don't disappear as well and when played loud, bass tends to dominate hence overload room--headache inducing. Given more time and effort playing with acoustic/treatments they might just work. But for me, I'd rather be spending those hours tuning--enjoying more music instead. Thus imo, in your room (small & squarish) high quality monitors such as Totem The One will be better suited. Or, If you can swing your budget maybe the Micro Utopia Be. Anyhow, remember to go quality over quantity. Gdlck!
my opinion only... this whole question of picking a certain size or design of speaker based on room size is silly. unless you are in a booth or a cathedral all sorts of diff types, sizes may float your boat. nearly all spkrs should be a couple ft off the back wall at least but from there you are on your own. room treatment is gonna determine sound more than spkr size so get that part taken care of first or simulataneous with whatever spkr you end up with. 'too much bass' is a bunch of crap from a salesman. a flat response is always good and fix the room acoustics to correct reflections etc.