Matching speaker cables to Magnepan MMG's

Looking for suggestions regarding cables that mate well with Magnepan MMG speakers?

I would recommend you audition a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori speaker wires. I used to use them on my MG-20's and a dear follow audiophile has them on his 1.6's. They great wires for the amount they would cost you and they would perform wonderfully with your MMG's.
for the MMG i would try Kimber 8TC's. Due to the way Magnepan makes the speaker terminals, you don't even need to terminate the wire, just strip and plug in.
Thanks for the posts. I am running Kimber 4PR, the old school brown and black and like the cables. I am wondering if there would be an audible improvement moving up the Kimber line as suggested above? The other issue is price, as the MMG's are a $600/pair speaker I can't justify spending $400-$500-$600+ on speaker cables. If given the choice I would simply buy larger maggies before sinking large cash into cables.
Alpha core Goertz M1 2 seems to be a favorite of maggie owners. I used the M1 Centerstage years back with good results..(just had the wrong amps!)

FWIW..I am using my existing and current model JPS Superconductor 3 IC and speaker cables from my previous components and speakers....I wouldnt have especially bought this level of cables for my MG12's, but I can say they are outstanding on the Maggies, and bring out the best from them.
Try The Speltz Anti-cables for the MMG's. They transmit a great deal of energy and current, which the Maggies need. Tight and fast bass too! They are more in line with the cost of the speakers as well.
I have used Anti Cable speaker cables with my modded MMGs for almost two years and am very satisfied with the sound. I use the bulk wire with no terminations and have it hard wired into the crossover. IMHO, this wire seems to be a good match for the MMGs.
Blue Jeans, save your money for upgrades
I second blue jeans type of wires....
I have owned MMGs and MG12s, and I have had the best experience with 18awg magnet wires. As power hungry as the maggies are, it does not make any sense, but I had the best bass slam with thin, monofilament wires.
THE speaker cable for MMG's , IS beyond all doubt, Analysis Plus Oval 12, period.
Oh.also use anti-cable jumpers with Oval 12, unreal good.