Matching Rotel RMB-1095 to a pre-amp

I own a Rotel RMB-1095 five chanel power amp. 200w/8 oms.-
330w/4 oms per channel and need to purchase associate piece.
I have set up my whole home theater system with RBH Signature Series speakers.
Also what is the difference between a pre-amp,surround sound processor & reciever?
Typically a preamp is two channel only & will not process surround sound.
Processor is 5 to 7 channels. Processes surround sound.
Receiver can be 2 to 7 channels with preamp and amp combined into one box. 2 channel version will not process surround sound.
So what I need is a 5 channel processor.
Yes, like a Rotel 1066, 1068 or 1098,
I used to own an RMB-1095 and used a McCormack MAP-1 as a front end with good results.
I have the Rotel 1095 with the 1066 processor. They are great and very versatile for home theater . If 2 channel music is important to you I would suggest looking for a better preamp with a home theater pass through to go with the processor.
I want to thank you all for your imput. I have decided to go with a ANTHEM STATEMENT D-1. What's your feeling on Anthem.