Matching Preamp for Rotel 990BX and Snell E III

I am using a Rotel 990BX power amp with Snell E III speakers. My current preamp is a B+K Pro5 preamp. I'd like to spend no more than $750 on a preamp to upgrade from the B+K Pro5. I worry about pairing many of the preamps at that price point (e.g. older Threshold) with the amp and speakers. I've never been an Adcom fan (though, admittedly, I've not listened in 10 years). I need a phono input.

I would be grateful for any advice. It's not easy being a teacher and enjoying audiophile gear!


TAD 150, available for about $750 used. Very positive user feedbacks... there are some threads on it here on Audiogon.
Thanks, Arni.

That was my first post after just discovering the community here. It is great to find a group of helpful and kind individuals to discuss these issues with!

I used to run a rotel 990-BX with a TAD-150. It was definitely an upgrade from the rotel RC-995, which was one of rotel's higher end preamps in the late 90's.

I have now replaced the rotel 990-bx with a mccormack amp, but I was very satisfied with the TAD-150 and rotel 990bx combo. hope that helps.
i think you'd be very happy with a used audio electronic supply ae3 djh sig. some inexpensive electroharmonix tubes and you're on your way! hey, what are the dimensions and weight of the snell e/ recollection is 36'x10'x16' and @75#'s each,but it's been a while? thanks, art