Matching preamp for Pass Labs Aleph 5

Looking to match a preamp with the Pass Labs Aleph 5 (60W). My CD is a Naim CD5,cables are Cardas,and speakers are Audio Physic TempoIIs(a little bass shy and bright). Something active or tubed with warmth and detail. Tried a Pass Aleph L passive but flat in the lows among other things. A tube preamp must have higher output impedance since the Aleph 5's input impedance is very low (14 Ohms). Thanks
I am using one with a Proceed PRE and am quite happy with the pair. I rotate the Pass out and also use a ARC VT-100 and the PRE works fine with that too. I use the balanced connections on the PRE with both the Pass and the VT.
Last summer I borrowed an Aleph 3 which has an input imedance of 23K Ohm single ended only and had a some difficulty pushing it with Blue Circle BC21 tube preamp.

I greatly enjoyed the sound of the Aleph mated to the BC21 but its inability to crank prevented me from buying it. I felt it did acoustic guitars better than any of the other amps I was comparing it to.

I believe the input impedance of the Aleph 5 is 10K Ohms unbalanced and 25K Ohms balanced. So you'll probably have varying results depending on which preamp you try and whether it is balanced or single ended.
With the Aleph 5 I had great results with an ARC LS-2B modified by GNS. It is a hybrid design using a single 6922 tube. I was using Silverline SR-17 monitors at the time. I'm sorry, but I recently sold my LS-2B and all the paperwork that went with it so I can't tell you what the output impedence was for sure, but I think it was 24 for the balanced outputs. I also tried the Aleph 5 with my Cary SLP-50a which I believe has a lesser output. If I'm recalling correctly I think I didn't like the results with that combo....a bit flat and soft sounding as I recall, when compared to the LS2B. I also seem to recall someone else recommending that same Cary preamp with the Aleph5, and could not imagine why. BUT That same Cary SLP-50A is PURE MAGIC with my SET amps, so go figure. Synergy, synergy, synergy. I also tried the Aleph 5 with Klipsch Heresy speakers and enjoyed that combination as well. The Silverline's were really wonderful though. I only kept the Aleph 5 for a few months though as I ultimately missed tubes. One other detail I recall being surprised by was that it did not seem to put out much muscle for its 60wpc rating. In swapping over the Aleph 5 in my work system for a pair of 35W Quicksilver MiniMites it seemed like the MiniMites had more punch than the Aleph 5 at almost half the power. Regardless, the Aleph 5 was a really impressive SS amp.

Good luck!

I would suggest th Adcom 750. I think it was GP 750. Very simple Pass design. I had one for a whil, loved it then went with a dac with a volume control. I have the aleph 1.2's. Good luck
Getting in late here, but I use an Audio Research LS-15 run balanced into my Aleph 5. Each of these products can be had for around $1500 on Audiogon, so they also make a nice pair from a price consideration.I auditioned this combo directly against Adcom 750 and it was not close - the ARC was much better - the tubes seem to add some air and bloom to the sound. The audition took place with vandersteen 5's. I own Silverline Sonatas and find this set up to be extremely satisfying - superb soundstaging, natural tonal balance. I can afford more but have not been seriously tempted because I really enjoy the particular synergy of this system.
I do'nt use the Aleph 5, but 3, how different can they be?
I believe in combining valve pre with SS power amp. I have recently aquired a Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS (off the Audiogon adds of course) and the combination is wonderful, detailed but not harsh, a great soundstage. The music seemed to rise 3 feet higher with the CJ. It seems to suit all genres of music too. It may seem overkill to use a $4500 pre on a $2000 power, but I think the pre is the most difficult and expensive component to get right.
As an aside, the CJ costs $8100 in the UK, no wonder European enthusiasts try to buy US kit direct from the states. The nearly new 17 cost $2700
I had (still have in reserve) an Aleph 5 that I used primarily with an Aleph P (remote version), but tried other combinations as well. In summary, stick to balanced, and go with an Aleph P (good luck finding one since they are being vaccumed up into the Far East market), or an X-1 or X-2. Single-ended tubed preamps come off sounding too dark and opague. THe Pass preamps seem to get the most from the A-5's modest power output. What you really need is a pair of good speakers and then start building around those.

I had a pair of the Talon Raven C speakers that were magical with the Aleph P/Aleph 5 combo. I'm still sorry I let that combination slip away; but I did because I had an anxious buyer for my Aleph P (check already in hand)that I was selling because I thought it to be the culpit producing some upper midrange hardness. Turned out it was the speakers needing further break in. Once they snapped in it was glorious for the 10 days I had that combination singing in unison. I was unable to locate an Aleph P to replace it, so I upgraded to the X-1, traded the Raven C up to the Firebirds, and bought a Pass X350 to drive them. All sounds very clean, very powerful, very spacious, but it somehow still doesn't have the magic I heard during those 10 days with the old combo. It just sounded supremely musical. Keep your Aleph 5. You should be able to buy a pair of Raven C's for about $4500-5000. Try calling the factory direct if you don't have a local dealer...ask for Mike.
If you are in to DIY, try Dact CT101 (or 2 for balanced output). Aleph is a littte "shy" in the lower octaves and the Dact have a little more punch, in any other freq. is Dact pretty neutral. Have a pal with Martin Logans, Aleph 5 and Dact (NLE in scandianavia). A match in heaven.
Would a McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe match well with a Pass Labs Aleph 5? Has anyone tried this combo before? How did it sound? I like to use the passive outputs from the TLC-1 Deluxe.

Specs from the TLC-1 manual.

Input Impedance: approx. 13 kohm
Buffered output impedance: 250 ohm
Passive output impedance: varies with volume setting, drops as volume increases, 0 at max volume.

Absolute Polarity: non-inverting

I keep thinking about the Aleph 5 everytime I see it out there on A'gon.

Thanks in advance.