Matching preamp for b&k st 202

What B&K preamp mtaches best with the B&K st202 amplifier?
The simple answer is the one that sounds best to you.

What are you looking for in particular? Are you putting together another system, reworking the one you have, trying to fix a problem?
B&K Pro10 MC if you are going to match B&K stuff; otherwise, I agree with Driver above - the one that sounds best to you.

IMO, sonically, I like the idea of a SS amp with a tube pre combination and the B&K stuff is very tubey sounding for SS gear. I had an ST140 and EX442 for a long time with either a Music Reference RM5 mkII or Dyna PAS 3 tube preamp and it sounded great
Presently have a B&K 202 and a luxman preamp. Just thinking about a matched pair..but you are right it is all about the sound. Any opinions on the B&K reference 20?
I just purchased a B&K PT3 series II preamp here on Audiogon and have been extremely impressed with it.