Matching pre-amp with Pass Aleph 30

I am currently using a Plinius 8100 as a pre-amp to the superb Aleph 30. I'm looking for more magic in the mid-range and better bass. However, I'm most worried about the bloominess that is often associated with tube amps. My speakers are the ProAc Tablette 50 Signature which most people claim should go with tubes.

Now the concern is that the impedance of Aleph 30 is 47Kohm and most tube pre-amps need at least 50Kohm for a good match.

So, I'm at a loss. Will I be stuck with a solid state pre-amp? Or rather, can anyone advise me on a good matching tube pre-amp?
Unless you're using extremely long interconnects or interconnects with unusually high capacitance the difference between 47K and 50K won't be important.

Have you considered a Pass preamp (Aleph or X series)? I'm using an X 0.2 with a pair of Aleph 1.2s, and the synergy is great. Mids and bass are quite good, and I've lost my interest in moving to tubes for the moment.
I run a Space Tech labs Tube Preamp with Threshold and Forte Amps. The Forte is 47k ohms but is lower even using Balanced input which I am. Albert at Space Tech. will custom make it to your specs. to match the rest of your Gear. Super Quality, Biggest and best bang for your audio buck there is!!!

I was recommended First Sound Presence deluxe pre-amp but I'm not been very succesful in getting reviews on the net. Any one has any experience with this pre-amp?
I guess my original reply to your question has been lost in cyberspace. Let me try again.
Contact Gamecock at Audiogon for comments about the First Sound. He owned one and, I think, played it through Pass amplifiers.
Also, based on your stated preferences, please consider the Audio Horizons TP 2.0nB preamp. This preamp is advertised on Audiogon and is available for a free trial period.
Gamecock will be able to comment on the Audio Horizons preamp, too.
Try the Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2 or 3.
They match perfect with the Aleph 30.
I use the Line 2SE+ with 2 Aleph 30 in passive vertical biamp. with excellent results.
Please see my system.
Thansk for the recommendations. I just bought a Sonic Frontiers Anthem Pre 1L and it will arrive this week. Before that happens, any one owns one before and would like to comment on this "budget" tube pre amp?
Go for Lamm LL2 and you will refuse to got to bed.
The Sovtek 6922 tubes are a big worry. I hated thin sounding tubes. Will the Mullard 6922 be a good replacement for the stock Sovtek for the Sonic Frontiers Anthem Pre 1L?

Many thanks!