Matching Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere??

HI, I need expert advice, please!!!

I bought 4 Klipsch R-820F thinking to place them 2 in the front and two as rear speakers. I also bought a Klipsch RP-440C as a center speaker.

I bought all this because of an insane opportunity... "excellent deal"

Now I am reading that it is not a good idea to match/mix  Reference (R) and Reference Premiere (RP)?

Would my configuration using the R-820Fs with the RP-440C sound too bad? shall I return the RP-440C to get an R speaker as a center instead?

Thank you so much for all the help and support

Sell the RP440C and use only the other four speakers. I have never liked the sound of a center speaker! I find it ruins the stereo imaging effect. Just another way for the speaker companies to sell more products! 
There is NO need for a center speaker! A properly placed L and R speaker pair will provide ALL the center fill needed! Reference: Alan Blumlein - the inventor of stereo!