Matching KEF 104/2s for Center Channel and Amp

Does anyone out there have any experience with KEF 104/2s? I am having a difficult time finding a good match with the center channel. The other question I have is around the amps. Does anyone have a good recommendation that really makes the 104/2s sing? I have the MA-700s rated at 200 watts RMS, but they just don't do it. Thanks

KEF Reference 100 is the matching center channel, and it is occassionally available on ebay for around $200.

I have the 103/4 and I used to use Aragon 8002 with very good results, and I am very sure it will power the 104/2 with equal effectiveness. These are 125wpc at 8ohm and 250wpc at 4ohm. Use it with a decent powercord and isolate it by raising it on cones or books to get full lower frequency effect.
I am running two pairs of the 104/2 biwired using Aragon 4004 MKII amps. They sound open and have a good soundstage. Strings and voices are sweet, bass is defined. I also have used 2 Bryston 4bst and 2 Carver M4.0t units. The Aragon has a wonderful separation and clarity for a bargain used unit. The Bryston 4BST kicks harder in the lower bass, but is twice as much used. The Carver is lush sounding and smoother with brass sections than both, but is not as detailed or punchy and extended when it comes to bass or vocals. None are too bright for this british speaker.I will try Mccormack DNA 1 Deluxe next. All of these are affordable and give a lot of satisfaction for the price. Enjoy the music.
I've owned kef 104/2's for 17 years. There is no official "matching" center speaker for the 104/2's. The critical issue with matching center and fronts is the tweeter. The 101 uses "uni-Q", the 104/2 has separate dome tweeters. All you can do is find something close...I've thought about 103's or even another 104/2 layed horizontal!