Matching Jadis JP80mc Anniversary with JA30's

Hello Everyone,

I replaced my JP30 for a new JP80mc anniversary. Now, after playing it for about 6 months, it still sounds dark, no sparkling, no opennes or subtlety that I used to know from my former JP30. In fact the combination sounds bad compared to what what I had. The JP80 didn't get much better over time, which I had expected.
Can anyone give me a clue why this is the case ? Is there a matching problem between the JP80mc and the JA30 ? Can such problems be solved ? I have this quality problem on all possible choices of recordplayer, cd or tuner.
Could it be that the pre-amp is still breaking in ?
BTW: All tubes are max 8 months old.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I am familiar with both JP80SE25 preamplifier and JP30. Directly compared JP80 was simply better, no doubts. Can you tell us what tubes you are using in your JP80?
Did you positioned power supply unit on the left side of the preamplifier module?
hi milimetr
I also have the jp80mc and its not as open as my other amp....may i ask what is the connection placing the power supply to the left side of the preamp

The power supply module of JP80MC has big power supply transformer in left corner of the cabinet. When you place power supply module on the left side of preamplifier the noisy power transformer is away from sensitive parts of preamplifier module. It is especially important if you use phono MC input.
Hi Millimeter,

I've changed tubes over time, from the original and new tubes in both preamp and poweramps to EI ecc83 in the preamp and Telefunken smooth plate ecc83,'s in the poweramp, together with KT88 (I didn't have any problem with my poweramps before switching the preamp).
The best sound actually comes from my fm tuner, not from my cdplayer of recorddeck. Changing tubes from stock to NOS improved the overall sound but it still sounds worse than the previous JP30 / JA30.
hello, this amplifier is ready for use KT120, this tube gives very good results, soft and KT88 power 2, is a good test.
Good look.
Jorge Valenzuela.