Matching integrated amps for Aerial Acoustics 5T

I am looking to buy a speaker under 4,000$. I am an absolute novice and with all the choices in the market i got really confused. So i decided to look for speakers from here. The 5Ts sounded decent.
I am looking for integrated amp to match the 5T. Integrated because it seems like a viable choice for a component under 4,000$.
I looked at the components used in the reviews here and here and all over internet, but no mention of any integrated amps. I so wish it were easier to buy speakers. I'm kind of exhausted looking at all options upto 10K and have decided to stick upto 4K mark. And then multiply the complexity with the DACs and Amp combo options. Which is why i am going with an integrated amp.
Anyone has a good suggestion for integrated amp for the 5T under 4,000$.
Mike Kelly of Aerial is the NA distributor for Gato electronics. I would say that he would endorse a Gato integrated with the 5t's.
First Neo,  using a magazine or a forum is a fine start but here is the real kicker for you, did you purchase the speakers or are thinking of purchasing them based on Stereophile?

If you purchased them no issue but if you haven't why would you not do what most novices do, go to a store or an audio show and listen to all the possible options in the price range?

Stereophile's recommended component issue is bunk pure bunk.

Their ratings of what constitutes Class A or Class B is flawed but what is worse is that the reviewers never get a chance to put what they like vs what the other reviewers like in the same location and then vote so their ultimate ratings are very flawed and accurate.

So I have seen Dac's that were class A rated which don't deserve the rating or would be Class B or C if compared to some of the more expensive ones like what we do in a store.

Aerial does make a nice speaker that is a given, but for the money is it the best choice for you, as a novice how would you know that without listening to more products?

Also is the issue of monitor vs floor standing loudspeakers, a small bookshelf will not have the bass output of a compact floor standing loudspeaker so the question is will a compact speaker like the 5T give you enough bass or do you have a small room where they would be ideal?

Do you live in an area without dealers, are there any dealers in a 200 mile radius you could go to or any Audio Shows in your area?

As per integrated amplifiers there are many possible choices here are a few questions  for you?

1: Do you have a dac I would guess not, so having a built in one would save money, space, and complexity.

2: Do you have any flexibility in price?

3: Would having an app based control system with streaming be something you would like?

I would recommend looking at an integrated with a built in dac that streams so you can have access to Tidal or Spotify.

We are very fond of the Micromega M100 which is $4,500.00 it would work beautifully it is 100 watts 8 ohm and 150 watts 4 ohm so it has enough power, it has a class A/B amplifier so it is warm and punchy, it has a built in phono stage if you ever want to listen to records, it also has a phono stage, Apt x blu tooth, Dlna and Airplay connectivity.

The NAD M32 is also a fantastic piece and it has a fantastic Blue Sound streaming capability built in. It is less featured then the Micromega and its sound is a bit drier which means it is less warm tonally.

So this would be an ideal product for a neophyte and it sounds great and has the flexibility you would need for current and future connectivity with enough power to  drive the Aerials.

Another issue is that Stereophile only tests a certain amount of components and there are many great products that they haven't yet tested and these would include products like the Micromega.

So here is our recommendation for you. You can contact us if you want more details on this product.

I would absolutely recommend a steaming amp/dac for you.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ