matching components to speakers

I have a set of Parapigm Monitor 9 speakers, with matched center channel, surround speakers and sub which were bought in Dec/06. I have read that speakers should be matched to components, if so, it can be done the other way around. How do speaker and components get matched? Do Paradigm speakers match well with any particular manufacturer's products. I remember listening to Carver's products years ago and they sounded clear and warm. Has anyone Matched up Carver's Product to Paradigm speakers, and if so what did they sound like. What are Carver's products like today? Are they upper middle of the road, or top end products todaythat would match well with my speakers.
carver is no more, but bob carver's new company SUNFIRE makes great stuff, and will match great with Paradigm
A good friend matched that exact combo, email me if you want his info to talk to him.....helpful guy and will take time to talk if you wish.
Speakers are designed and built with certain characteristics in mind . Finding an amp that is designed to work within those characteristics is what you want to do . It is called synergy . There are many threads here discussing synergy .

Speaker manufacturers use certain audio components when designing and testing their units . This is called voicing . It would probably be a nice place to start . Just call the company and ask them .

Good luck .