Matching components?

I’ve read a couple of posts on this site alluding to the notion that one can be best assured of positive results by matching components produced by the same manufacturer when assembling a stereo system. Is this really a thing? Should I worry that a Decware phono stage won’t play nice with my ARC linestage? Or that I would have been better served by finding an ARC DAC in lieu of the Black Ice FX DSD I recently acquired?

Just looking for a little guidance, as my budget is such that I really can’t be screwing this up...

The best stereos are not one brand only but assembled together with the best components of their type and kind i firmly believe that all companies are not jack of all trades companies you have good amp makers, pre amp makers, speaker makers, tuner makers, turntable makers, etc. These are not all going to come from the same company for sure in almost every case and if they do you are settling for mediocre sound somewhere.
Honestly... I’m extremely pleased to have a system that sounds, to my ears, “pretty damned good”. I take great cheer in knowing that it will only get better as I move forward upgrading my front end, cabling, isolation, etc.

incidentally, my same amp popped up for sale here... I think it’s a pretty good deal at what it’s marked at. Maybe I should grab a spare lol
Matching all components often is next to impossible, but having said that, to the extent it can be done often avoids problems with 'hums, buzzes and noise floor' problems. Components from a given manufacturer is often 'voiced' by using other components from that company's product line. I have heard some very high end mixtures that simply did not sound good. 
I agree, that Pass amp looks great! Bi-amp or tri-amp anyone?