Matching Ceiling Speakers

Greetings all!  

I’m currently in the midst of auditioning speakers for a rather large mixed use space (open floorplan living room that opens to the kitchen and dining rooms). It would be about 75/25 home theater/music. 

I’ve narrowed it down to the 1. Audiovector SR6 Avantgarde Arrete, 2. Paradigm Persona 7F, and 3. Focal Sopra 3, in order of preference. 

When matching ceiling speakers for surround sound, only paradigm makes a matching ceiling speaker. Focal uses a different tweeter in their units and audiovector does not make a dedicated ceiling speaker. 

I really like the sound of the audiovectors which use a HEIL AMT tweeter. However, would matching the Audiovectors with ceiling speakers from Martin Logan or golden ear which use a similar tweeter type be ill advised?  

Thanks so so much in advance. 
I think that matching LCR is imperative.  Matching the surrounds doesn't have nearly as much affect.