matching cartridge for spectral dmc

I own a preamp spectral dmc 10 delta and want to change the cartridge.
Now I have a shelter 501 but that I need to change. A ccouple of dealers told me that this preamp does not want a step-Up. I was considering buying a Spectral MCR but its output is 0,2mV and I fear it is too low.
The dmc10 manual specifies that low-output mc can be used. The pre amp has a gain controller of 25dB. Setting it at the maximum gives 75dB of total gain.

I would like to know if someone of you have experience on this matching and /or what is the best match you experienced with this preamps. also, anu suggestions for the phono cables ?

Tonearm should not be a problem as my eminent ET2 is very flexible.

thanks in advance
The Spectral cartridge was designed to work with the DMC10. I used this combination for a while and it was excellent. I would try a Koetsu to give some warmth to the DMC 10. Good luck!
Thanks Hamr. I'll give it a try.