Matching Amp to Wilson Sophia 2

I recently acquired Wilson Sophia 2's and am enjoying them but I'm wondering if I can do better in terms of amp matching. I currently use Theta Citadel 1.5's. I would prefer a little more midbass (Sophias are currently closer to the front wall than I would like, but pulling them out reduces body).

These speakers aren't overly sensitive (89db) and run at 4ohms.

I also wouldn't mind a little more midrange bloom (I do like tubes!) but don't want to lose anything in the highs.

Amps I've been thinking about: McIntosh, Pass.

Love to hear your thoughts.
Pass should do the trick. X-350.5 worked fine in my setup, but my guess is that XA-60.5 should also work.
I recently heard a mac 275 hooked up to Sophia II's. Sounded great! The amp runs almost as cool as a ss.
Wilson uses the reasonably priced Parasound A21 amplifier to power the Sophia II's at electronic shows with great results. You may want to check it out.
I would pick Mcintosh but if looking at Tubes also consider
Audio research.
ARC Reference 210 for sale on Audiogon would be a killer amp on those Sophia's. Next, but difference sound experience would be used VTL 450 MKII or Signatures for sale.
You might also try them with Lamm M1.2s, which I have driving the original Wilson Sophias with great results.
IMO Lamm M1.2 is way overpriced for what it offers.
As a Sophia 2 owner; and just having re read the Lamm M 1.2 review I agree re. the price. Now I'm not saying if I had the pair in my house---.( I may fall in love.)
I also had the one's before the 2's. I drove them with a pair of CJ 8's. My present power is the CJ 350 ss stereo amp. This was a big step up and no tube aggravation.-- till I can score a pair of Boulder 1050/or the MBL 9008 pair. (So many great hi-buck monos.)
I second the previous poster - the cj premier 350 is a terrific match with the Sophia's, specially using Transparent Audio Reference cables. The ARC reference 110 is a different option, but equally worth listening to.
All the idea's above are pretty good. I haven't owned Sophia's. But I have owned wp 6's, 8's, Maxx 2's and now own Maxx 3's.

BAT VK 60, VK60SE, VK75SE and VK150SE are a great choice and definately match your criteria.
ARC products are lean in the bass, aren't they?
In my search for a new amp for my Verity Parsifals I spent a day listening to the ARC Ref. 110 with the Sophia II's. It was nice but was a bit forward in the upper mids and a little light in the base. This was with the ARC 26 pre and ref phono, clearaudio TT with concerto cart. It was nice but I have heard the sophia's sound a little more solid on the bottom than this set up. Stunning build quality on those Wilson speakers.
I had Sophia I's and tried a bunch of solid-state and tubed amps, and IMO, tubes are the way to go with these speakers. Unlike the Watt Puppies, the Sophias are an easy load and I thought they sounded best using high-powered tube jobs from ARC, Conrad-Johnson, and VTL. Most solid-state amps just don't bloom and soundstage well with these speakers, at least the Sophia I's. The only SS amps I have heard that do at least some of this are Essence amps, difficult to find.
I've heard them sound incredible driven by Ayre MXR monos.
I heard the sophia's with a Mcintosh MA7000 and it was amazing. I love the silky warm sound that the combo has to offer. Also look at musical fidelity and plinius separates.
Pass with WATT/Puppys here. You can't beat a Pass on Wilson speakers!
Another vote for PASS XA.5 or X.5 Amplifiers, both are excellent with Wilson Audio Speakers, in my experience!
In my opinion Pass or Ayre would work well with any Wilson Audio speakers, but particularly stand out with anything below the Wilson MAXX. Sophia and Watt Puppy are good for precision. Pass or Ayre would compliment them for the body, depth and openness.
So would you guys think that the Pass XA 100.5 would have enough power?

My Theta's are 650 watts into 4ohms and the Pass would only be 200 watts. Not that I'm an expert in any way when it comes to ohms, impedance, class A vs B etc, but I do know more power is better and the Wilsons seems to want to be playing around 90db or so.
but I do know more power is better
You'd be surprised at how little power you use most the time.
In my search for a new amp for my Verity Parsifals I spent a day listening to the ARC Ref. 110 with the Sophia II's. It was nice but was a bit forward in the upper mids and a little light in the base.

This was mostly due to Ref 110 voicing. I used Ref 110 with Sophia 2s for over a year. Pass X-350.5, which I also tried with my Sophias, gives entirely different perspective.
Madfloyd, for the long term it would serve you well to get Pass XA100.5 if that is what you already have in mind and already listened to them. The actual necessity is more of whether you need the XA100.5 or the XA60.5. I have the later but I listen to all kinds of music. My personal music taste definitely requires private home with good spacing between houses, and quality windows and doors before the neighbors complain. I expect music with distinct bass at 60-85 db, but then too strong a bass unfortunately drowns out the delicateness and subtlety of the music. So what am I to do? However if you are the type that primarily stands up, claps and moves with the beat, then the pair of XA100.5 are for you. My XA60.5 can undoubtly shake the ground, but other people might enjoy shaking the foundation of their houses harder than me.

Are you using the AR Ref 110 or the Pass X-350.5 now? I have not heard the AR amps, but listened to the AR Ref 3 at my dealer's. Different perspective from my Ayre K-1xe, which is more dynamic and detailed and has better base, though the Ref 3 threw a larger soundstage. Also listened to the Ayre KXR, which is the best preamp I've heard to date.

I have not had the same experience as you had with the Lamm M 1.2s. They really sing for me, but I have always preferred the sound of class A amps. I always liked Pass's class A amps as well.

I'm using Dartzeel for now. If you haven't heard the Ref 3 with the NOS TungSol Black Plate 6550 from the 1950s in the power supply, then you haven't heard what Ref 3 is capable of. It is really transforms this preamp.
Interesting. Perhaps I should get some of those and borrow a Ref 3 from my dealer to check it out. Thanks, Elberoth2.

BTW, you didn't say what your thoughts are on the Dartzeel?
I have Wilson Sophia 2's powered by a Sonic Frontier Power 2 which is a 100 wpc tube amp, running KT6550's and matching SFL2 pre-amp. The soundstage is incredible, both breath and depth. I have read that this combo may not provide the bass some would like, but I am bass forward and it's good enough for me. Jazz, rock, folk, blues and some classical are my listening preferences.
These amps can be had for $2,000 in top shape, not including the pre-amp.