Matching amp/pre for Soliloquy 6.3

I just bought a pair of Soliloquy 6.3. What is your recommendation for a matching amp/pre or integrated? Anyone tried it with Jolida 302B integrated?
Maybe some Cary audio, Monarchy audio or Music Reference products.There's so much out there it would be tough to say what would be best.

Good Luck!
Hello, Soliloquy most of the time recommends a solid state amp. I think they prefer the higher damping factor of a solid state amp over a tube amp. However, look on the Soliloquy web-site in the Reviews Section. The reviewers loved the speakers with tube amps. Some of the reviewers used small 20-30 watt amps with great success. If you have a tube amp with great low end control, I see no reason not to use it with the 6.3s. Read all the reviews on the 5.3, 6.2, 6.3, and the 6.5's. Soliloquy comments on all the reviews. Read these comments for Soliloquy's advice. As a rule, all Soliloquy speakers are very easy to drive with over 90-92 db sensitivity at 8 ohms impedance. I have a pair of the 6.5s and I use a solid state amp but feel that I could/might use a tube amp with them in the future. The owner of Soliloquy is very helpful. Give him a call for advice. I did. Jim
Hello again, I didn't notice that you were also interested in a preamp as well as an amp. I use a CJ PV-11 Tubed preamp and a Musical Design solid state amp with my 6.5s. I like the smooth tube sound of the preamp with the deep bass of the solid-state amp. Jim
I used a Linar 250 amp with my 5.3s with great success, shortly after breaking them in which takes,, forever I got a pair of 804 Nautilus B&W and let the 5.3s sit, after going back to them before i sold them, they really sounded fantastic with deep tight bass and large soundstage. If you have not heard of this amp do yourself a favor and research it, everyone i have ever seen that has one truly loves it, including the guy that i got it from who wishes he had it back ;-)