Matching AMP/CD for Sonus Faber Minima Vintage

Hey guys!

I am a newbie to audiophile world. I have recently purchased Sonus Faber Minima Vintage Speakers. Now I need to find some good matching amp and CD or maybe music server

I am currently using them with Aura note Completer and Yter cables. Aura is obviously not enough for Minimas so I want to get the right amp and CD for the Minimas. I have already listened to Unison research Triode 300b integrated Mcintosh 2275 and PASS 30A. From all them I liked PASS 30A the best so far. But not sure if Minimas are good enough for this amp. Please advice. What other amps could be a better match?

I am also interested to receive a recommendation regarding a good CD player or Audio Server and an interconnect.

Thank you in advancce
Good point on price (maybe Pass J).But I would god with less expensive amp and go closer to 100 rather than the 25 watts since like all SF's,though small,they can suck the power down at only 84db@8 ohm.That Mac would be great power wise but $4K?If you were looking to upgrade speakers and wanted a keeper Intergrated it would great.But it's waaay different in power and tube compliment than Unison.Three really different amps.Set price and decide bwteen SS or tubes.
Have a try with Audia Flight. I own SF Concertino Home (Rossa) and Minima Vintage. I have Audia Flight 2 integrated, Flight CD 2, Flight Pre, Flight 100, and Flight CD 1.