Matching amp and preamp imput output impedance?

I have a Forte 4A that has a imput impedance of 47,000 ohm and a Cary AE-3 with output of 560 ohm. Will this combo work together, I have been told tube pre's usually do not match well with Forte or Thresholds. Should the ratio be of the imput impedance be 10X that of the output impedance? Also if these are not matched correctly is the amplifier power being limited? Thanks
Stop agonizing over 10:1 ratios & other misinformation. Try it & you`ll probably be pleasantly surprised.
No problem. No power limitation whatsoever. Enjoy!
I have a Forte'model 3 (47k ohm input impedance). I drove it successfully with a Counterpoint SA 7.1 tube preamp which most likely had a higher output impedance than your Cary.
The general rule is 10X or greater. That is not misinformation but it is a guideline, not a law. The lower the ratio the more voltage is dropped across the output impedance of the source and the max volume will be reduced. It can also affect the frequency response by rolling off the bass especially if the output is capacitively coupled as most tube preamps are.

You are closer to 100X so that should be fine.