matching a pair of speakers to my equipment

hi there
i got an integrated krell (300i) and a rega planet 2000
cd player and a budget of up to $2000 for speakers,
what would b a good match and should i shop for used
also, would electrostats perform decently with that krell?
any recommendations or help of any kind is appreciated.
happy new year to all of us
i've heard krell integrated amp being matched with sonus faber speakers,eg concerto and they sounded good. i suppose you would get a better deal buying american made speakers.
good luck!
tell me about you're room and music tastes!!!
It helps to narrow things down a bit. If you're a hard rock fan, who likes to head bang, or Classical/instrumental/vocals buff, it makes a difference! well as whether your room is big, small, medium, etc.
I've sold the Krell integrated and Rega Planet over the years, and am very familiar. I've also sold/tried just about every conceivable kind/brand/model of speaker ever made as well! I've used/sold the following kinds of speakers on/with the Krell Integrated with various results: Thiel,Wilson,Maggies,Martin,Logan,Celestion,Kef,B&W,Vienna,Sonus F, However, my suggestions would depend greatly on the above mentioned variables in question.
I know the sound of the CD player and integrated very well. Tell me about what all you're dealing with, and perhaps I can be of some assistance. Thanks
Unfortunately, sir, you are building your system backwards.
Please try as many home auditions as possible, you might get lucky and find a great combo.
Avdcreations is right about learning your musical tastes and room dimensions.

Still, an excellent speaker with your gear would be a used pair of Vandersteen model 3's. The obstacle will be finding a pair priced at your stated budget. If you can stretch a few hundred dollars, this would give you excellent sound.
There are many variables that have to be taken into consideration when selecting the proper speakers for your system. The comments hit upon many very important factors to consider. Size and accoustic treatment of your room, the type of music you like to listen to. Is your preference for floor standing speakers,or monitors. You mentioned that you have a budget of $2,000.00. In that price range, I would look at Vienna Accoustic Hydens or Sonus Faber concerto or concertino bookshelf speakers. The B&W Nautilus 805's, also a bookshelf speaker, would fall in the desired price range you are looking for. The only fair way of finding what you desire is to visit several audio specialist stores, and bring your favorite discs to listen to. Ones that you are very familiar with. Good Luck and have lots of fun!