match of qsonix with playback design 3 or 5 dac

any body have a pairing of these two products

whats the word
Wish I could help; I'm using a Qsonix 205 paired with the tube DAC output of an Ayon CD-5s, then going to tubed VAC Phi Beta preamp to Hegel H-30 amp; and its much better than my previous PS Audio perfect wave DAC I...I use AES digital out, prefer it to Rca. Love my Qsonix, and touch screen, but matching to great DAC is a must; I'm certain that the PD products will also sound great. Sorry I can't totally answer your question....Enjoy
I am using a Q 205 with the new EMM Labs DAC 2X Se which is an even better sounding dac with similar technology and voicing to the Playback and the sound is to die for!