Match for Unison S2K + Unico cd

I'm currently thinking Triangle's Zerius 202's - any opinions / recomended alternatives would be most appreciated....listening room is roughly 5m x 4m. Advice on cables would also help, seeing as I'm building more or less from scratch.
I'm using the zerius speakers with the unico integrated and a rega planet 2000.

the system is almost ingeniously good, but so far it's a bit unbalanced (too much trebble, some hardness in the upper mids).

I've been able to improve things by changing cables, and i think some of the problem is accoustic (i live in a loft with exposed brick walls and not much plush furniture.

The result is that harsh recordings are made extra harsh and are not much fun to listen to.

Anyway .. here's what it does well:
Dynamics. Incredible. Drums lound live. There's great slam and kick and leading edge zip.
Bass: meaty, warm, tuneful, detailed, tight, controlled, and dynamic. Not at all bloated or exagerated.
Imaging: precise and natural.
Soundstaging: Huge and dense. More wide than deep (my settup is along the long wall of the room, so this is to be expected). On some recordings, the soundstage extends over 10 feet beyond the speakers.
Transparency: On good recordings, the stereo completely disappears. It sounds like live music in my room.

By the way, here's the associated equipment:
RCA black plate tubes (1960's?)
Signal Cable digital power cord for cd player
Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cord for unico
Virtual Dynamics Audition ICs
Signal Cable shotgun biwire speaker cable

One last note: everything you may have heard about the break in time for the triangle speakers is true. It takes weeks. If you have the oportunity to crank your stereo and leave town for a while, i recommend it.
Check out Living Voice Avatars but they are (much) more expensive than the Zerius. Otherwise, look into used Coincident partial eclipse - efficient and wonderful sound. I have heard Triangles in 3 different setups and found them bright and a little thin in general. However I heard a Unison Simply 2 (similar to yours) playing Royd Minstrel SE speakers to incredible effect despite what seems like poor efficiency specs. Very tough to find Royds though. Good luck! Arthur
I suggest looking at some Von Schweikert VR-1 monitors. I have them with the Unico and Sony NS999es with Signalcable cables.