Match for Paradigm Monitor 7 v3?

I am new to the world of tube amps and was hoping someone would be so kind as to suggest a match for my Paradigm Monitor 7's (v3)?

My budget is ~1500US and I am looking for an integrated tube amp. I usually play stuff that has a decent amount of bass in it, but not too loud.

thanks kindly, Sasha
check out Response Audio,they carry Jolida which is a nice int. tube amp for the money,plus they can be modified as much or as little as you like,
I'll second the Response Audio recommendation. For your budjet, the Signature 3205 should do wonders 60 watts, stong tube power -very nice bas!!! I have the Reference version, and absolutely love iit.
I have a Cary Rocket matched with my M.7's and their 10" sub out from the left extra set of RCA's on my preamp (for movies, etc). Very good match. Excellent staging - even better now with tubes. VERY loud at 20 watts. Even good for the most dense parts of action movies in ultra-linear at 40w. Easily fills 600 sq.ft. of space. I have been consistently impressed that the all the Paradigm gear are not power hungry like Revel's or Kef's. I'm sure an EAR or Cary integrated would also be a good match.

How much are you looking to spend?

If you buy a Rocket like I did on 'gon - or any other tube amp for that matter - you will probably have to replace tubes - I went from what they came with (2 DOA Ruby's and blah Sovtek's) to JJ Tesla's and JAN Philips 6922's and was again surprised with how much more I could get out of the Paradigm's. Same went for my first major speaker cable purchase at around $120.

The reason I particularly suggest Cary is I think they match well with the Paradigms - Cary has the mid-range thing, although the original Rocket has a lot of extension - but I think an EAR could be a little over analytical. I do think the Paradigms have a relaxed (i.e. unfiltered) slightly cool presentation and tubes and the speaker's conservative power ratings work well together. Of course, when you hear how much better your system has become, you will want to upgrade your speakers...

The only problem I've had is with bad tubes creating some ringing - metal cones and tubes shaking can be a bad combo. Racketballs and Hal-o's fix it easy though, although the biggest thing was just purchasing new tubes - it stopped afterwards anyway, and I can't imagine your room could be brighter than mine as I live with hardwood and stucco in a bungalow.