Match for Naim UnitQute under $3,000

I recently purchased a Naim UnitiQute for a second system and am looking for a good speaker match under $3K. I've been running my ProAc D28 with them, but they need to go back to my primary system and are not the best match anyway (power hungry). I like the ProAc sound, but am looking for something a little more efficient yet as full range as possible (monitor or full size OK).

Higher efficiency than the PRoac D28 without trading off low-end extension will inevitably call for a bigger box... that's just the way the laws of physics shake out (enthusiastic marketing departments notwithstanding). Often a floorstander takes up no more real estate than a stand-mount while offering better bass at a comparable cost once stands are factored in; in fact the D28 is a good example of exactly that!

I'm not expecting to match the D28 in extension, I simply mention it as a reference to what I know.
Take a look at the Acoustic Zen Adagio or Adagio Jrs. They're available at great prices on the used market. The Jrs are rear ported - so they need to be a little away from the wall. The floorstanders are front ported. Deep bass.
I read a lot of good things about Guru QM-10s with the Qute on the Naim forum not long ago. I haven't heard them, but what people had to say about them made me want to. On the other hand, some of the claims (especially about full-range sound from very small monitors) did sound suspiciously like "enthusiastic marketing."
Vienna Acoustics are surprisingly nice with Naim along with Regas. If you get a chance, listen to a pair of Vienna Acoustics Schonberg floorstanders. Superbly open and dynamic and are stylish to boot! The small Bach floorstander is also a beautiful match. The Qute also drives a pair of RS5's nicely with tons of snap and fun.
I have a UnitiQute and am using it with a pair of Dynaudio Contour S1.4s, which I got with a pair of Stand4 for less than $3K. The Qute won't drive them to earth shattering volume but it is a great match in terms of sound quality and plays my jazz and classical to moderate volumes very nicely. I still plan to add an outboard amp (Naim NAP200), but am very happy with it in the meantime.

Naim and Dynaudio make an excellent sounding combination.