I just got my hands on Krell KRC 3 preamp as a first step to rebuild my system. Big improvement with old B&K ST 120 monos and Mirage M-5si speakers. Next move is poweramp, Wonder, what is good match for KRC 3 in 150- 300w range , is anybody using KRC 3 with tube amp? Any world on tweeks(power cord,interconect....?
Buy a Krell amp, This unit will work very nicely with a KSA-80b, or KSA-150. If you need more power Find a KSA-200B or a KSA-250 amp.
I have 2 Quad 909s (bi-amping my Neat Motive 1 speakers) and just got my hands today on a used Krell KRC-3 (perfect condition almost new). I will try them out together. Quads are amazing value power amps (using well known "current dumping" pattented circuit design from Quad) and worked very well with Quad's own 99 pre-amp. Will compare KRC-3 to 99 and post my impressions after couple of months of listening.