Match for Definitive Tech HT speakers and Denon.

Would like your opinion and advice on speaker cables that would suit Definitive Technology moniters, center, and sub in a 3.1 HT application with a Denon receiver (all new). A golf buddy bought the components, wants to do a "permanent" instalation, and asked me for starting advice. I have no experience with these components individually or in combination. (I did try to explain to him that various cables can sound different with certain components, but he is not "ready" (yet!) to do the trial and error work.)

Are there cables in your experience that are on a par (value) with what he has into the receiver and speakers that compliment the combination?

Thanks in advance.
Jim S.
Acoustic Zen Satori Speaker cables match well in my system.

Thanks for sharing the advice. I appreciate it.

Jim S.
Try Audience Au24s. Great value, excellent sound and easy to work with. Usually available pre-owned on this site.

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate you taking the time.

Jim S.