Match for B&W 705s2's

Hello all,

My first post here. I am no audiophile but I recently decided to acquire a pair of the new B&W 705s2's after hearing them. I was (and am still) interested in the KEF LS50 Wireless but the B&W's were right next to the KEF's and just sounded great to me in comparison when I had the chance to listen to them. I've always fancied a pair of B&W's since I first heard a very expensive pair many, many years ago.

So anyway the 705s2's are inbound and I would like to hear opinions on gear to drive them. My only source is Tidal from my desktop PC. I am considering 3 or 4 options at the moment:

1: Schitt Audio Bitfrost Multibit DAC + Saga Preamp + Vidar Amp

2: NAD C368 with the BlueOS module for hooking up to other rooms

3: Rogue Audio Sphinx with probably the Schiit Bitfrost Multibit DAC.

4: Outside now but Yamaha A-S801 with the Bluetooth module because I have a pair of AudioEngine HD6's that I could use in another room. (The NAD also could use these powered speakers)

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks,


I know this is a very old thread, but I was looking for comparisons between the Schiit Vidar and Saga versus the Rogue Sphinx integrated.  

What was your final decision?  How do you like your setup?