Match between Revels and Pass XA160s?

Current system is comprised of Wadia 270 transport, Boulder 1012 pre/dac, Krell FPB 600, and Revel Ultima Studios. Wiring is Tara.8. Looking for a more musical amp, and wondering specifically about the synergy between XA160s and the Revels.
There are a number of posts which suggest that the Pass X series (X-600, X-1000) work really well with Salons.

As for the XA's, I have no idea.

I use VAC 140 monoblocks with my Salons.
Raquel, thanks for your information. Related to VAC 140 I do plan to listen to Bat 150ses. That is the closest locally to the VAC I believe.
Im using a Pass x350 with Studios, very good synergy, explosive dynamics, smooth and very musical. If lacking in anything it could perhaps be a touch warmer sounding.
I think the XAs are perhaps the perfect match although I havent heard them myself yet.