Match amps to speakers

My reading of the tea leaves on the fora suggests others may share this question with me.

Match speakers with amps 1 for 1. Order your answers by personal speaker preference. Extra credit if you show your work, such as room dimensions or other factors you believe relevant. Please limit your matching to the listed components.

A. Magico V3
B. Verity Parsifal Ovation
C. Wilson Sasha

1. ARC Ref 220
2. Lamm Ref 1.2 or Lamm 2.2 (indicate choice)
3. VAC Phi 300.1
(After working through this exercise, we'll then do all solid state amps.)
I am not sure if anyone knows the "correct" order because it's always preference.
Even the synergy that I think is prominent feature in a combination of brands. Other may not hear or accept on principle. Like the old "heritage" Klipsch and SS Macs of good size.
The majority isn't always correct when it comes down to what you want to hear or are going to be comfortable with ultimately.
The answer though, if ordering is necessary, obviously remains in a key bit of info you left out. The MRSP of each.
Simply match up the prices in order of most expensive amp with most expensive speaker. Then second most, and so on.
Or be a contraian and believe what is deficient in one is made up by the extravagance of the other.
Therefore simply invert the order of one list or the other but not both. Leave four answers for each.
The preferred english usage is forums.
Lamm/Wilson would produce a good balance,Magicos with Lamm or VAC and Verity/Lamm or ARC-depending on cabling and sonic preference.The Magico and Veriry would probably prefer the lesser cu.ft area for bass reproduction.YMMV.
Well, this obviously fell flat. Heh. There is no correct answer, so hearing people's thoughts on the choices was kinda the point of the exercise...

Based on wattage I'd probably go:
A. Magico V3 w/ the Lamm M2.2
B. Parsifals w/ the ARC Ref 220
C. Sasha w/ the VAC Phi 300.1