match amps ss or tube for proac 3.8 response

Proac 3.8 response speakers
Sonic frontier line 1 pre-amp
I am using the Audio research VT 100 MK II and love it. I was using the Bryston 4B-ST and found that the tube sound of the VT 100 is more to my liking. My pre-amp is a Audio Research Reference 1.
One amp that i regularly hear goes very well with ProAc is Rowland.
Another to consider is the famous British make Sugden-I have this combo but at a lower level-combining the Sugden A21a integrated amp and Proac Studio 150's.
You could perhaps consider the Sugden Masterclass series....
Once i heard them with chord cpa 2200(pre) and spm 600(power).The sound is fantastic, good detail and smooth over the soundstage. Then another system proac powered by cary pre ans power(forgot the model) sound also very good.