Match a CD player w/ Axiom M22ti +Arcam a65+...?

Hi everyone, I've been using a Toshiba 4800 DVD/DVD-A/CD player for my source and although I love the output of picture and DVD-A, I can't help but think that the CD's I'm listening to could sound better. Anyone have any suggestions to this system in the 300-400 range, used of course. My system sound a little bright and somewhat harsh at the upper octaves and I think this may have to do with my budget DVD player.
The arcam A65 plus!>? Man, I love it! It drives my speakers to incredible highs, I've never heard such beautiful, crisp sound coming from some speakers. The ARcam didn't even break a sweat, barely noticeably heat eminating from the unit. Imaging is phenomenol, I find myself putting in music I don't normally listen to (my mom's julio iglesias and michael bolton)just to see if I can pick out all the instruments!

Now I really just need a CD player and a new Sub (my sub blew up today!). I still sense a little harshness in the voices, and I'm pretty sure it will be cleared up with a new CD player. Now the music hall seems like a steal, but what about servicing it?
The importer is in Long Island, NY and you get a 1yr warranty. So far (knock on wood) my unit is built like a smalll tank and I havent had a single problem.