Mat for Rega P10

I decided to start this discussion to hear different experiences from Rega RP10 and P10 users. I know Rega does not suggest replacing their own, supplied with turntable, mat as doing so can degrade the sound but I have to say that I am loyal opposition to that concept, looking for replacement ASAP.

I know Framer recommended the Stein Music The Perfect Interface Carbon mat but $625 for mat is quite steep I think. Even the cheapest one is $250 and I do not consider It a bargain. 

Does anybody here use either of those two mats and can share some insight as to why they are so expensive and if they really make that much of a difference?

If I remember correctly, that also had to be glued to the platter, which is what I was originally trying to avoid. If I was going to tape or glue something down, I might as well keep the Rega mat.
Um... yes, I was being facetious.

That said, the recent glowing review above does compare adding a Stein mat to be in the same league as adding $10k worth of system upgrades. So what do I know? Probably no hyperbole there.
Even more hyperbole than MC.....although a different type. MC believes it, I can't see how this guy does. He is trolling.

If you read the note from  @gbmcloud, he said he used the mat on the "lowly P3". How can you say anything is worth $10K when using that? Maybe the other components are so great and the P3 is so far below those levels that the difference was significant. More than upgrading to a $5K table?