Mastersound's 845 Integrated

Anyone have first hand experience with this baby, or very reliable second hand experiences from golden earred audiophools? This integrated was suggested to me for a significant up grade from my present one. thanks in advance, warren :)
Warrenh, Mastersound carry two 845 Integrated. Reference and Compact. The Compact 845 just came out less than a year. I traded my PassLab 250X for the Mastersound Compact 845 and I love it. Built like a tank too. I did switch 845B tubes from the original standard 845. The 845B sounds a whole lot better.
Gemini88, could you be more specific? I'm not trying to put you on the spot with a review, but your response only tells me you liked it better than an amp I know nothing about. What is the Mastersound doing, now, that your Pass couldn't? Please tell me what you're driving and the other componenets in your rig? You can certainly email me on the side if you prefer. Out of 50 views you are the one and only so far. warren :)
Hey Warren,

I own a MasterSound Reference 845 Integrated Amp. Pure Class A..40WPC, running with 4 KR 845, 2 Mullard 12AUT, and 2 Emperex Holland 7119. She is gorgeous and dead on pace with speed, soundstage is dynamically amazing , true timbre, strong tight amp i ever owned..well except for the 845 Monoblocks..that's next on my list.

Previously i have owned... Antique Sound Lab AQ1001DT, Synthesis Nimis, and Cary SLA-70B Signature...these were ok and fun to roll tubes around with..sold all of these and got the move i ever made in the audiophile department.

Hope that helps. Best of luck to you.

My experience with them are as follows:

It was musical with a good soundstage.
Controlled bass with proper weight and body.

It was not very detailed and the amps were a little on the warm side to my tastes.

I suggest an extended personal audition with your equipment.
I decided on seperates. Went with the Bel Canto SET40 and the Bel Canto SEP1 pre. A marraige made in heaven. My speakers were made for 845s. Wonderful synergy. Thanks though...