Mastersound final 845 monoblock driving DynaudioC4

Anyone have experiences about the amp? Please let me know.
I'm having right now a compact 845 from Mastersound and would like to upgrade to 845 monoblocks.
How does it sound with the Compact 845 and C4 now? Do you find the bass a bit loose and uncontrolled?
845 monoblocks with the 100 per channel, are perhaps in the top 3 amplifier in the world!!!! I ve listened to them extensively both in regular version and updated with oil capacitors version.... They are amazing!!! Auditioned them with with reference quality box monitors and Nestorovics with leaf tweeter...

Even 50 watts per channel monoblocks are VERY serious amps...I think Mastersound just introduced a new version of those so distributors should give a hefty discount on previous model....